Our Treatments

Musculoskeletal Therapy
We offer treatment for Musculoskeletal problems including spinal and soft tissue and sports related injuries, arthritis.and rehabilitation post surgery or fracture.
Neurological Rehabilitation

We offer treatment of stroke, brain injury and neurological conditions such as MS.

Injection Therapy

Corticosteroid or Ostenil injections to joints and soft tissues.

This can be used to treat frozen shoulder, shoulder impingement syndrome,osteoarthrosis of the knee, tennis elbow, golfers elbow De Quervain’s amongst other conditions.

Post Illness Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation following hospital admission, injury or illness.

Following a period of relative immobility due to injury or illness patients may suffer reduced mobility, and general deconditioning and may struggle to return to their previous level of independence and fitness.


Debbie is a member of the AACP - chartered physiotherapists with a special interest in acupuncture- and offers acupuncture using traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture points and also Western trigger point acupuncture alongside other treatment methods for musculoskeletal conditions.​

Pilates Based Core Stability Exercise

This is provided by a physiotherapist who has a good understanding of your injury or condition and the most appropriate exercises for you. Sessions can be on a one-to-one basis with exercises specifically tailored to your needs or in small groups with a maximum of five people.

Sports Massaging

Benefits of massage:

  • Aids rehabilitation programmes

  • Pre sport - may help to enhance performance

  • Post sport - helping to speed up recovery........

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga
Ante Natal Pilates

Carrying out these exercises will hopefully make you stronger, healthier and therefore happier!


If you would like to do Ante Natal Pilates, it is important that you are at least 13 weeks pregnant.


Jayne Herbert MBACP Dip. Couns.

Are you feeling low, overwhelmed or stressed? Is life losing its meaning, or do you feel like you are losing sight of yourself? Do you lack enthusiasm for anything, or do you feel guilty or resentful?